The most walkable city in the world

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There is nothing like a walking tour to truly feel a city. Stroll around the city, explore hidden attractions, interact with locals, and experience the local flavor. What's more, it's the most environmentally friendly way to travel.


If you want to take a walk and see the sights, go to the heart of Munich, where there are walkable sidewalks and you can see the beauty of Bavaria everywhere. You must not miss the English garden in the beautiful scenery you will encounter on the road. As one of the largest gardens in Europe, English gardens have idyllic lakes, historical plays, beer gardens and even Japanese tea houses. As you walk out of the city's oasis, you can still spend hours browsing shop Windows, admiring the magnificent city architecture and Munich's iconic cathedral of Notre Dame

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The Kyoto

Kyoto combines a sense of history with a sense of modern prosperity, and you will be fascinated by this wonderful city. Kyoto was Japan's ancient capital for more than 1,000 years. The beautiful city is famous for its temples, tea ceremonies and flower arranging. At the same time, it is a developing and prosperous modern city. Kyoto's attractions can be a bit scattered, so you can take public transportation to see them, but the best way to find them in every corner of the city is still by walking. A particularly interesting walk is around the shimizu temple, a nearby shrine and snack stall that makes it a particularly lively hub.

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