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    Time to read: 10-15 minutes, would you ever be smart? Think faster, be smart, and solve simple complex issues? Me too. In fact, it always happens. Why? Because even if I'm always smart, I did not take the mental genetic jackpot. Setting things up and keeping me in mind has never been more difficult, but few people go on. Honesty, I'm jealous. I hope I was born with their mental powers. I feel that if I can expand my energy, I can achieve what I want. But I think I did not do much. Some are very smart, some are not lucky, so. Today, I'll share with you something, something I've recently discovered and to do with everyone, the information is not required. The level of knowledge we were born recently and the creation of our genes, it is possible to read and more efficient IQ and may have begun ... Limitless.How all began: View LimitlessThis whole adventure began a few months ago